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World Yoga Day at Jeeyar Gurukulams – Allampalli and Beersaipet

World Yoga Day at Jeeyar Gurukulams – Allampalli and Beersaipet

By the divine blessings of HH Swamiji, the World Yoga Day event was celebrated on June 21 in a very grand manner at Jeeyar Gurukulams, – Allampalli and Beersaipet. These schools are located in remote, deep forests in Nirmal District, Telangana State.

The students demonstrated Yogasanas excellently with amazing flexibility. A few students spoke about the importance of Yoga. Smn. Thiruvengalachary Swami and Smn. Santharam Swami spoke a few words about the greatness of Yoga.

Jeeyar Gurukulam HMs’ Smn. Chakradhar, Smn. Raju and the Teachers organised the “World Yoga Day” event very well.

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