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Sow seeds of change in the minds of youth – Governor Narasimhan

Sow seeds of change in the minds of youth – Governor Narasimhan

Governor visits mobile exhibition on positive social transformation

Bus yatra by youth wing of Brahma Kumaris comes to Raj Bhavan

Hyderabad, June 23:    All India youth campaign, a mobile exhibition on positive social transformation organised under the auspices of Youth Wing of Brahma Kumaris, a three year campaign covering several states in the country reached Hyderabad on Saturday. As part of the campaign’s 13 day tour in the Twin cities, the mobile exhibition reached Raj Bhavan today and met Governor Sri E.S.L. Narasimhan.

Speaking on the occasion, the Governor appreciated the noble cause of pan-India youth campaign taken up by the youth wing of the Brahmakumaris to bring positive social transformation among the youth of the country.

Governor said the very invocation of ‘Om Shanti’, brings inner peace and without peace we are nothing but a ‘piece’. Governor said how the mind controls all parts of the human body, similarly the mind or Atma should be controlled by peace. Governor said since the ancient times every hymn ends with ‘Shanti’, which is nothing but invocation of inner peace. The Governor said when the mind gets stressed the actions become disoriented and hence there is a need to control the mind through meditation. We call God by many names, similarly we may practice any form meditation but the aim is to achieve peace.

Governor lauded the great voyage and journey of the youth wing of the Brahma Kumaris organisation with an aim to promote Youth as a change agent through positivity for Positive Social Transformation in the Society. Governor said we are all men and women and not human beings until we achieve inner peace. Governor went around the mobile exhibition and the closely observed the exhibits showcasing awareness on the effects of bad habits that ruin the life and what are good habits and what type of daily life cycle habits to be followed to maintain good life, maintenance of hygiene, cleanliness, motto of Swach Bharat, spiritual values, character building and benefits of yoga and meditation.

Governor said Swachata is a holistic campaign and includes daily life cycle habits, cleanliness of mind, body and external surroundings. Governor said the youth campaign undertaken by the Brahmakumaris is an extremely useful journey and suggested to the organisers to take the mobile exhibition to the Raj Bhavan Govt school and explain to the children about the exhibits and said he wants them to see and think about the concept. He said today our youth is deviating from the right path and the campaign will be useful to youth and elderly. Governor said the bus journey started by the Brahmakumaris will create a positive thought in the minds of youth and will start the process of change and children will get an idea of what good life is all about. Governor also suggested to the organisers to include in their campaign history of our country’s heritage and what India is all about.

Governor commended the mobile exhibition as a great and commendable initiative and he felt very happy  about the campaign and wished that the campaign would instil a sense of pride among all the youth and they feel proud of the country and the nation.

The 3 year long Youth Bus Campaign started in 2017 from Mount Abu, will be covering the entire country benefiting lakhs of Youth. The campaigners will be spreading their message among the youths for 13 days in the twin cities. They will be visiting Schools, Colleges, Corporate offices, Jails, Hostels, Youth Associations, Forums, Clubs, NCC, NSS, Gardens, Scouts and Guides, Yuva Kendras, Youth Gatherings, Public Places etc. up to 2nd of July.

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