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PM lauds the Union Budget 2019-2020

PM lauds the Union Budget 2019-2020

Budget will boost India’s development in 21st century: PM

The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, today lauded the Union Budget 2019-2020, as the budget for building New India.

In a statement after the presentation of the Annual Budget 2019-2020 by the Finance Minister in the Parliament, the Prime Minister said that budget will strengthen the poor and will create a better future for the youth of the country.

Highlighting the potential benefits of the budget, PM said that the budget will accelerate the pace of development in the country and will greatly benefit the middle class. “The budget will simplify the tax processand help in modernizing the infrastructure in the country.”, PM said.

Narendra Modi said that the budget will strengthen the enterprises as well as the entrepreneurs. He said that the budget will further increase the participation of women in the development of the country. The budget has a roadmap to transform the agriculture sector of India, PM added.

The Prime Minister termed the Annual Budget 2019-2020 as a budget full of hope.He said that the budget will boost India’s development in the 21st century.

The Prime Minister said that the Union Government has taken all round steps for the empowerment of poor, farmers, scheduled castes, oppressed and the underprivileged sections of the society. He said that this empowerment would make them the powerhouse of the country in the coming five years.The country will get the energy to fulfil the dream of a five trillion dollar economy from these empowered sections, PM added.


 Posted On: 05 JUL 2019 2:39PM by PIB Delhi

English rendering of PM’s reaction on Union Budget 2019-2020

I congratulate the first woman Finance Minister of the country Nirmala Sitharaman and her team for this citizen friendly, development friendly and future oriented Budget.

This is a Budget that will enrich the country and make its people more empowered. The poor will get strength and the youth a better tomorrow from this Budget.

The middle class will progress and the development pace will leapfrog because of this Budget.

This Budget will simplify the tax system and modernize infrastructure.

This Budget will strengthen industry and entrepreneurs. It will increase women’s participation in the development process of the country.

This Budget will make the education sector better. It will help to reach the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Space Research to the people.

This Budget has reform for the financial world, ease of living for the ordinary citizens as also welfare for the villages and the poor.

This is a green Budget wherein special emphasis has been given on environment, electric mobility and solar sector.

In the last five years, the country has come out of an atmosphere of despair and is now brimming with expectation and self-confidence.

The ordinary people used to struggle for their own rights like electricity, gas and roads and had to face many challenges like garbage, corruption and VIP culture. We have relentlessly strived to mitigate those and have succeeded too.

Today people have a lot of aspirations and expectations. This Budget promises to fulfil them. This Budget is assuring that the direction is right, the process is right, the speed is right; so to achieve the objectives is certain.

This is a Budget of expectations, faith and aspirations. This Budget will prove to be an important link in fulfilling the expectations of 21st century India and building a New India.

This Budget will set the road map for implementing the decisions pertaining to the year 2022, i.e. 75 years of Independence.

In the last five years our government has taken several steps to empower the poor, farmers, Scheduled Castes, oppressed and the down-trodden. In the next five years this empowerment will make them the powerhouse of development.

This powerhouse will provide energy to the country to fulfil the dream of 5 trillion dollar economy.

New schemes for structural reform in agricultural sector have been announced in this Budget. Transferring about 87 thousand crore rupees to the farmers through PMKISAN, the decision of opening more than 10 thousand Farmer Producer Organizations, Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana for the fishermen or establishing National Warehousing Grid – all these will play an important role in doubling the income of the farmers by 2022.

Water conservation is not possible without manpower. Water conservation is possible through people’s movement. This Budget has taken care of not only the present generation, but also the future generations. Like Swachh Bharat Mission, Har Ghar Jal Abhiyan will enable the country in addressing the water crisis.

The decisions taken in this Budget will strengthen the foundation of the coming decade as also open the door of new possibilities for the youth.

This Budget is a historic step towards making an India of your expectations, your dreams and your commitments.

I am going to talk about it in details tomorrow in Kashi. Today I once again congratulate the Finance Minister and her team. My good wishes to all the citizens of India for the bright future.

Thank you very much.

Posted On: 05 JUL 2019 3:34PM by PIB Delhi


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