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‘Meet – the Directors’: Kunjila & Vaibhav Hiwase at Indian Panorama of IFFI 2017 

‘Meet – the Directors’: Kunjila & Vaibhav Hiwase at Indian Panorama of IFFI 2017 

 Indian Panorama – considered as an important section of IFFI Goa 2017 witnessed filmmakers Kunjila and Vaibhav to share their experiences making diploma films – GI (Malayalam) and Palash (Bengali).  The aim of this session was to weave the audience and filmmakers through a narrative that combines culture, language and heritage of different nations and different reasons.

Kunjila, Director of Malayalam Non-Feature film, ‘GI’, says, “Making GI was overwhelming in terms of putting things together like memories, cultures and events that I have witnessed. I’ve tried to deal with the concept of memory and relationships, the violence in relationships with context to the political environment.”

Vaibhav Hiwase, Director of Bengali Non-Feature film, ‘Palash’ told media, “Palash was my Diploma film from Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute .The environment and the film culture there was healthy, encouraging and gave its students a certain creative freedom that led me to make this film. I’m honored to be here, especially since I’m just starting off as a filmmaker.”

The 48th edition of IFFI is being held from the 20th to 28th of November, 2017, in the beach state of Goa.

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