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Governor ESL Narasimhan issued orders to allocate, buildings back to the Telangana State government

Governor ESL Narasimhan has issued orders to allocate, buildings that have been given to the AP State government for its offices in Hyderabad, back to the Telangana State government.  At the time of United AP State’s bifurcation, government buildings in Hyderabad were allocated equally between the Telangana and AP state governments. Since the entire Andhra Pradesh government is functioning from its capital Amaravati, the official buildings allocated for it were lying vacant.

However, AP state government is paying electricity bills, other maintenance costs for the buildings though it was not utilising them. Since the buildings were not utilised they were in dilapidated condition. Against this backdrop, the Telangana State Cabinet on Sunday had urged the Governor to re-allocate the office buildings given to the AP State government.

The Telangana State cabinet has also requested the governor to allocate one building for the AP state government for setting up its police wing and another buildings for its other offices. The Telangana State cabinet has urged the Governor to use his powers to allocate the buildings ear marked for the AP State government.  The Governor has positively responded to the Telangana State cabinet’s request. In tune with the request made by the Telangana State Cabinet, the Governor has issued orders to allocate all the government office buildings to the Telangana state government.  Similarly, the Governor mentioned that one building for the AP State police and another for other offices will also be allocated.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao welcomed the orders given by the Governor allocating all the office buildings earlier given to the AP State government in Hyderabad to the Telangana State. The CM said that since all the official work is being done by the AP State Government from Amaravati, it is a better idea to put the government buildings of the AP State lying idle in Hyderabad for a better use.

The CM said it is a welcome and auspicious sign that both the state government have decided to move forward with people’s welfare in mind and development of both the states as the main aim with mutual good will and fraternity. The CM hoped that both the state governments would work in tandem, in a give and take relationship keeping in mind the factual realties on the ground.  The CM said his aim, ambition and effort would be to see to it that both the states develop with its people living in peace and prosperity and all the issues between the two states would be amicably solved.

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