It was the last day of Ramadan, and Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami wished all the Muslims a very happy Eid! Swamiji spoke about ‘fasting’ detailing its purpose and the intention of our ancestors who gave us this practice!

Here’s an excerpt of the speech for all our dear readers:

Fasting bridges the gap between dil (heart) and dimag (mind)! Mind looks for logic, and heart guides one according to the nature of the individual. When mind dominates the heart, we become too hard, i.e. less human! Greatness in an individual comes from a big heart, not from a big brain! Brainy individual can be dangerous to the society when he does not have a giving heart!

Vedic practices recommend fasting on the 11th day of lunar cycle, ekadasi. On this day, our mind draws more energy compared to any other organ in the body.  This is done every fortnight.

On the 12th day of the lunar cycle, dwadasi – we break the fast before sun rise. On this day, our heart draws more energy than any other organ in the body. Therefore, we eat a proper meal giving it a boost!

This practice lets the heart dominate our actions. This should ultimately make the person a peace-loving being, maintaining harmony in society.

Vedic practices also talk about fasting on an annual basis during dhanurmasam – December 15th to January 14th! Muslims also observe fasting for around a month during Ramadan. This is interesting! Probably, our ancestors advised this for all of us because they knew the importance of a softer heart!

Instead of being softer towards every being, we feel superior to them. We over utilise and misuse the nature beyond our needs.

It is okay to feed on mother’s milk, but it is unacceptable to feed on her blood! Our mother earth allows us to feed on her for our need, not for our greed.

So, do we have good heart!? What indicates a good heart?

Ask yourself the following, am I able to co-exist with fellow beings in peace, share love and serve them as needed? Am I being tolerant to their identities?

Hard teeth and soft tongue co-exist for a healthier body, why can’t we do that for a happier earth?

Tongue and teeth both do their own jobs independently but work for the individual. Tongue does not force teeth to do another job and vice-versa!

Similarly, as all religions are driven by a common ground: ‘Faith’! Let us all respect each other’s faith and worship our own! We need not seek supremacy over one another. After all, we are the siblings of the same Supreme power, God!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

(Park Hyatt, Hosted by Mr. Rahim ji)

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