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CM KCR held a comprehensive review meeting on Agriculture at Pragathi Bhavan here on Friday

CM KCR held a comprehensive review meeting on Agriculture at Pragathi Bhavan here on Friday

Chief Minister  K. Chandrashekar Rao has declared that the state government is hell-bent on supporting the farmers in all aspects and is taking the required measures and action to get Minimum Support Price for the agriculture produce. He has instructed the officials concerned to take measures to enable the government to purchase the produce in case if it is not getting the required MSP in the market.

CM said the state government has initiated several measures to make agriculture profitable. Listing out several initiatives taken by the government, the Chief Minister said irrigation projects are being constructed, tanks are being revived, 24-hour quality and free supply of power is given to the farm sector, quality seed and fertiliser are made available on time, Rs. 8,000 per Acre is given for two crops as input subsidy from this year onwards, one Agriculture Extension Officer is appointed for every 5000 Acres, farmers are being organised to become a united force, Agriculture University is strengthened, clarity is given on the land ownership through the purification and updation of the land records. Along with these measures, necessary action will also be taken to get the MSP for the agriculture produce of farmers, the CM said. “If farmers are happy the state would be happy. If farm sector were good then the rural economy would be good. Hence we will take all actions to get the farmer MSP for every morsel he produces,” the CM said.

The CM held a comprehensive review meeting on Agriculture at Pragathi Bhavan here on Friday. Deputy CM Sri Mohammad Mahmood Ali, Ministers Sri Pocharam Srinivas Reddy, Sri T. Harish Rao, Sri Jagdeesh Reddy, Sri Etela Rajender, Sri Tummala Nageswara Rao, Sri Jogu Ramanna, Sri Mahender Reddy, Sri Nayani Narasimha Reddy, Deputy Speaker Ms. Padma Devender Reddy, Whip Sri Palla Rajeshwar Reddy, MDC Chairman Sri Subhash Reddy, Mission Bhagiratha Vice Chairman Sri Vemula Prashanth Reddy, MLA Sri Srinivas Goud participated.

“In the State 70 percent people are dependent on agriculture. Though economists may say anything, a majority of the people are dependent on this major sector. But the farmers are in depression and helplessness. They are feeling that nobody bothered about them and are left to their fate. There is a responsibility to give them confidence. The government has the responsibility to help them and be with them. Due to several actions taken by the state government there is some change in the situation. Farmers are getting benefited. Ultimately the farmers should get the MSP for their produce. This is the aim the government has in front of it now. The government will take all measures so that farmers get good price for their produce. The government in this regard will act with commitment and dedication. Crops like paddy and Maize are getting the MSP. There is uncertainty over the MSP for other crops like Cotton. International markets and Central government policies are affecting the prices. Though institutions like the CCI are purchasing Cotton there are some problems. We have to plan out a strategy to prevent this. The government should purchase the produce from farmers through the Farmers Coordination Associations and resell them. By doing this the government will have to bear the losses if any. Take measures so that all the crops cultivated in the state should come under market net. A Team of officials from the state should visit states like Maharashtra and Karnataka to study the methods being implemented there. The officials committee headed by marketing Minister Sri T. Harish Rao should study the practices in vogue all over the country and submit a report. The government will act with honesty in getting MSP to farmers. Our aim is to get MSP not only to Paddy, Maize, and Pulses but also to commercial crops like Cotton, Turmeric, Chilli as well as horticulture crops like Lime, mango, Sweet Lime. The government policy will be in tune with this,” the CM said.

The CM clarified that to take measures to support farmers, there is no dearth of funds. He announced that a separate Agriculture Budget would be introduced from this year onwards. In the Budget allocations will be made for giving input subsidy to farmers and also for getting the MSP. The expenditure to be required for agriculture will be estimated and accordingly funds will be allocated in the budget so that there will not be any problem with regard to the funds.

“As far as MSP is concerned the Centre should be more liberal. The MSP declared for Paddy and Maize should be enhanced to Rs. 2,000 each to both of them. Certain agriculture produce have no MSP at all. Hence the Centre’s policy should declare MSP for every produce in the country. For this as Telangana state government we will speak to the Centre. TRS party will also make a mention in the Parliament,” the CM announced.

The CM also announced that farmers’ Investment Support Scheme (ISS) for Agriculture would start from this year. By May 15, the first installment of Rs. 4,000 per acre will be given. A cabinet Sub Committee is formed with Agriculture Minister Sri Pocharam Srinivas Reddy as Chairman, Ministers Sri Harish Rao, Sri Mahender Reddy, Sri Jagadish Reddy and Tummala Nageswara Rao as members on how to implement ISS, whether to give the assistance directly to farmers? Through banks? How to identify the lands being cultivated? On what basis this scheme be given and other issues.

State government’s Chief Advisor Sri Rajiv Sharma, Advisor Sri Anurag Sharma, Genco & Transco CMD Sri Devulapalli Prabhakar Rao, Principal Secretary (Agriculture) Sri Parthasarathy, Horticulture Commissioner Sri Venkatrami Reddy, Agriculture University VC Sri Praveen Rao, CCLA Director Ms Vakati Karuna, CMP Principal Secretary Sri S Narsing Rao, Rangareddy, Medchal Collectors Sri Raghunandan Rao, Sri MV Reddy and others participated.

The CM congratulated Minister Sri Srinivas Reddy and Principal Secretary Sri Parthasarathy for supply seed and fertilisers to farmers on time.

The CM also appreciated Minister Harish Rao and Irrigation officials their efforts to complete the projects like Palamur-Rangareddy, Kaleshwaram, Sitarama, Devadula as well as the opening projects on a fast track.

The CM also congratulated Genco, Transco CMD Sri Prabhakar Rao for getting the prestigious Central’ CBIP award for the services rendered in the State in the power sector.

The CM also announced the completion of the first phase of the land records purification and rectification. He announced that in the state there are 71,75,096 agriculture land accounts and 1,42,12,826.17 acres of cultivable land. The CM also congratulated Mission Director Ms Vakati Karuna, Revenue officials, District Collectors and other employees for successfully completing the land purification programme. The CM said farmers would be given the new passbooks shortly. Henceforth, the CM said the sale and purchase of land details should be there with the officials. The Mutation powers are also given to the MROs and there is no need to go to the RDOs.

The CM said a central Public sector Undertaking conducting a study on the food grains that people in the state are consuming and based on that crop colonies will be formed and farmers will be educated. Farmers will be urged to go in for the quality crops that have demand in the market.

He said the government acted sternly to control the spurious seed last year and it had brought it under the PD Act. This year too stern measures should be taken by the officials. He wanted the officials to keep the details and photos of those in seeds making supply trade and take swift action whenever something happens wrong.

The CM asked the officials concerned to be vigilant and ensure that there is no problem though the fertiliser is stocked beforehand.

He said the marketing department is constructing new godowns in the state and 22.50 Lakh tonnes godowns will come into use. The godowns of Warehousing and FCI put together there will be godowns with a capacity of 53 Lakh tonnes in the state. These can be used to stock seeds and fertilisers too, the CM said,

He wanted awareness should be created among farmers on the frequent pests and diseases to the crops. The Agriculture Extension Officers should sensitise the farmers. The agriculture department should have the statistics on which crops are cultivated on which land in the state and on this issue one should not depend on the revenue department. Information should be gained from the Extension Officers, the CM said.

Courtesy:FB/Telangana CMO

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