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CM held a review meeting on training programme to sarpanches and village panchayat secretaries

CM held a review meeting on training programme to sarpanches and village panchayat secretaries

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has instructed the officials concerned to organize a full-fledged training programme to the elected Sarpanches and Upa sarpanches in the on-going village panchayat elections to provide a total understanding to them in shaping the villages.  The CM also said, that, proper orientation also to be provided to them in developing greenery in the villages and on sanitation programmes as well as a clear-cut understanding on the recently enacted Panchayat Raj Act.  CM instructed that copies of Panchayat Raj Act in Telugu should be sent to every Gram Panchayat, Mandal and Zilla parishad officers.  CM also said, that, an understanding should also be provided to the newly recruited Panchayat Raj Secretaries and elected sarpanches so that they work with hand in hand and together for the development of the villages.  CM desired that the newly elected sarpanches should not work in a routine manner but should work hard as change agents for the integrated development of the villages.

The CM held a review meeting on the subject of imparting training to sarpanches and village panchayat secretaries.  Chief Advisor to the Government Rajiv Sharma, MLAs Vemula Prashanth Reddy, Marri Janardhan Reddy, Kale Yadaiah, CMO special secretary Bhoopal Reddy and others participated in the review meeting.

“Currently elections are being held for Village Panchayats.  To have a village secretary to every village, recruitment of village Panchayat Secretaries is in the process.  Their role is crucial in the development of village as a whole.  Towards entrusting responsibilities and providing funds to the village panchayats there might be some unavoidable delay. Since the government of India is going for Vote on account Budget the state may also present Vote on account Budget.  In the months of April and May there would be elections to the Lok Sabha.  Full-fledged budget will be introduced later after the elections. It would be possible to allocate budget to the panchayats in the full-fledged budged only.  In between that by imparting training to the sarpanches and village panchayat secretaries they should be shaped as change agents for the integrated development of villages.  For imparting the training Telangana Rural Development Institute, Administrative staff college of India, MCRHRD institute of Telangana and similar other organizations are to be involved” said the CM.

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