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CM held a review meeting here on Sunday at Pragati Bhavan on the Mission Bhagiratha works

CM held a review meeting here on Sunday at Pragati Bhavan on the Mission Bhagiratha works

Honourable Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao has declared Mission Bhagiratha works are being completed in tune with the promise made to the people that by next elections if drinking water is not provided to every household through taps, TRS will not seek any votes. He said 95 percent of the main grid works are over, 75 percent of the main project works are completed and internal works in villages including fitting of the taps are being progressing well.  CM also declared that the entire Mission Bhagiratha works would be completed four to five months before the next elections and drinking water will be supplied to every household. He wanted special action plan should be in place for the fluoride-affected areas and in the agency region.

The CM held a review meeting here on Sunday at Pragati Bhavan on the Mission Bhagiratha works. He had inquired about progress of works, district-wise and segment-wise. Mission Bhagiratha Vice Chairman Sri Vemula Prashanth Reddy, MPs Sri Gutta Sukhender Reddy, Sri Malla Reddy, Sri Nalla Malla Reddy, CM Secretary Ms Smita Sabharwal, RWS Engineer-in-Chief Sri Surender Reddy, Advisor Sri Gnaneswar, CEs, other senior officials, representatives of the working agencies participated.

“Main works of Mission Bhagiratha are completed. Intake wells, water treatment plants, pipelines, pump sets and other such main grid works are 95 percent over. Internal works in villages are progressing. 75 percent of the project works are over. As on date several villages are getting the drinking water. In some Constituencies water is being supplied through  taps. By next month end villages should get the bulk water supply. Solve the problems arising out of the bulk water supply by June 10. Take up internal works in villages simultaneously. Fix Dussera as the deadline and finish the internal works in the villages. Procure the material like pipes, taps required for the internal works and keep them in the villages beforehand. Finish off the works by Dussera and in case of any problems solve them. In all, the works under Mission Bhagiratha should be completed by December end and every household in the villages should get clean drinking water through taps. With this, the vow taken  that we will not seek votes if drinking water is not provided through taps by the next election is kept and we prove ourselves to be a success in keeping the word.  More than this, we will be helping people to be healthy by consuming safe and pure drinking water daily,” the CM said.

“There is fluoride problem in Munugode and Devarakonda Constituencies in Nalgonda district. Safe drinking water should be provided in these areas and protect the health of the people. Have providing drinking water to these Constituencies on top priority and complete the internal works in the villages as early as possible. Prepare a special action plan for districts like Adilabad, Asifabad, Bhoopalpally, and Mahabubabad, which have agencies areas and remote villages. Workers will not be available there and it is difficult to transport the material. Hence find out giving some more incentives to the workers there. In Constituencies like Achampet where there is major Chenchu population and in 10 to 15 tribal hamlets, drinking water should be supplied. Identify the local resources, set up RO plants and take responsibility for supplying safe drinking water,” the CM said.

“Mission Bhagiratha is an extraordinary programme. The whole country is watching this with interest. National parties are also planning to supply drinking water countrywide. Several states are getting ready to study our programme and implement the same in their states. We are role models for them. They need our technical expertise and how successfully we launched the programme. We will be showing the way for the country for the supply of drinking water programme,” the CM said.

The CM said it is also important to manage the project without any problems and wanted the officials to prepare an action  plan for the implementation of the project.

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