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14.05.19: TS Electricity Employees restore 34 km stretch of damaged electrical Lines in Odisha

TS Electricity Employees restore 34 km stretch of damaged electrical Lines in Odisha

Restoration of electricity works by employees of various power utilities of Telangana are bearing fruits in the areas of Fani cyclone affected Odisha.  As on Tuesday the restoration works of electricity was taken up in the vicinity of State capital Bhubaneswar, 34 kms electrical lines were laid and could able to restore power supply.

Due to Fani Cyclone electrical poles snapped away, many were bent. Transformers were damaged. Power transmission lines broke down.  With this effect power supply in 16 districts were crippled.  The Odisha government requested the Telangana Government to render help in restoration of power.

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao responded positively and directed the Chief Secretary SK Joshi, TRANSCO CMD D Prabhakar Rao to take part in the restoration works.  On 7th from various power utilities of Telangana 1000 employees moved to Odisha in special Vehicles.

They have also taken material along with them.  They have carried temporary tents and food products along with them.  They are laying temporary shelters and cooking themselves and attending their duties.  Many works are taken up, clearing the fallen trees, lifting and erecting the fallen electrical poles. Repairing the transformers, restoring the fallen transformers, new power transmission lines were laid.  Works are at brisk in midst of the rain. SPDCL, SE L Gopaiah overseeing the restoration works.

34 Kms stretch of damaged lines were restored.  537 Electrical poles were erected.  Restored 74 transformers. Electricity was restored in the capital city Bhubaneswar and puri districts.

Telangana employees are working hard day and night. Bhupendra Singh Poonia, Collector of Khurda expressed his gratefulness to Telangana Government for restoring the power supply.  Power restoration works are done on war foot basis and normalancy will be restored shortly.

Chief Minister congratulated:

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao congratulated the employees of power utilities who are involved in the restoration works in Odisha.  CM applauded the humanitarian efforts of employees in rendering help to the people in need.  CM congratulated the employees for restoration of power within a short span of time.

TRANSCO CMD Congratulated:

CMD Devulapally Prabhakar Rao congratulated and patted the employees of power utilities of Telangana for their efforts in helping the people in need in restoration of power even in unfavourable conditions.  CMD said that the employees of power utilities  responded positively for the request of Odisha government in restoration and renovation of power and 1000 employees were expressed their willingness to participate in the restoration of power supply.  They are fulfilling the social responsibility in addressing the power issue even in unfavourable conditions.

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