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1154 Haj Pilgrims selected for free accommodation in Makkah

1154 Haj Pilgrims selected for free accommodation in Makkah

Hyderabad, April 10, 2018,

As many as 1154 Haj pilgrims were selected through computerized draw of lots (Qurrah) for free accommodation in the Rubath of Hyderabad in Makkah Mukkaram KSA at Chow Mohalla Palace, Khilwat, Charminar, today. Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali inaugurated  the draw amidst a galaxy of eminent personalities. Speaking on this he said that Telangana state stood first in the matter of providing services to the Haj pilgrims. He appreciated the efforts of Executive Officer Prof. S. A. Shukoor and said that he has the honour of serving the pilgrims for the past six years. He said that ship voyage would commence within a couple of years and pilgrims could save their hard earned money.

Chairman TS Haj Committee Mr. Masiullah Khan said that  those selected in the draw would be provided free accommodation in Makkah Mukarramah. Executive Officer Telangana State Haj Committee Prof. S. A. Shukoor said that 1154 Haj pilgrims would be selected from out of 6647 pilgrims from the erstwhile Nizam state. Altogether 1286 pilgrims would be provided free accommodation in three buildings in Saudi Arabia.

Mr. MA Faiz Khan Member Nizam’s Waqf Committee said that he had recently visited Saudi Arabia and initiated the efforts to acquire Rubath buildings in Madeena Munnawara, which, if completed, would be useful for the pilgrims. Compensation for some more buildings had to be obtained from Saudi authorities, by which more buildings would be acquired for the convenience of the pilgrims.

Mr. Hussain Shareef Nazir of Rubath in Makkah said that he had been successful in his efforts  to provide rights to the rightful. He announced that this year he could not provide free food to the pilgrims in Rubaths.

Mr. A. K. Khan, Advisor to the Government, Minorities Welfare; Mr. Mohammed Saleem MLC Chairman TS Waqf Board; Mr. Ahmed Pasha Qadri MLA; Nawab Khairuddin Ali Khan Chairman Nizam Waqf Committee, Ms. Tayyaba Afandi Member Haj committee of India; Mr. Mohammed Arifuddin; Mr. Abu Talha Amjad; Mr. Mohammed Shafee Members of the State Committee; Mr. Mohammed Ghouse Mohiuddin ACP; Mr. Faiz Bin Jung and others were present on this occasion.

Members of Parliament, Legislative Council and Assembly besides Mr. A K Khan Advisor to Government, Minority Welfare, Mr. Mohammed Masiullah Khan Chairman TS Haj Committee, Prof. S. A. Shukoor Executive Officer Haj Committee, Members of the Haj Committee and other dignitaries attended the programme.

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